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Now you can get my cartoons in your inbox each week, along with extra material not released to the general non-subscribing public. As media gets “disrupted” us “content creators” have to rely directly on reader support to keep going. If you appreciate my work, subscribing is the best way to show support and help ensure that I can keep drawing cranking things out. Plus you get stuff. “Like what?!” Well, for $18 you get a year of:

– New cartoons every week.

– Commentary on my work and other matters that I don’t publish publicly.

– Annual holiday postcard physically mailed to you in the real world.

– Sketches, previews of upcoming projects, and the occasional deal on art or books.

And who the hell knows what else I could think up. This thing could get crazy. But really, you will be doing a lot to make sure I can keep at this for the long haul. Thanks! – Matt