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This week on The Nib

Pretty good week at The Nib. Here’s what I published:

Stealth Attack: The New Abortion Laws

Jen Sorensen has a great new coming on the assault on women’s reproductive rights on The Nib. Read the whole thing here.


Homepage redirect

Some of you may have noticed that the homepage here now redirects to my page on Medium. I’m going to redesign the landing page a bit to let people know where to find me while continuing to update the archives here. I just need to redirect it until I can get to sorting it all out next month. There were still a good number of readers coming through the homepage every day and it’s important to reroute people for now.

Cola Con

I’ll be tabling at Cola Con, the hip-hop/comics convention October 25-26 in Columbia, SC. Come see me and get a drawing in your book if you’re in the area.

False Idols: Boomer Icons and Their Crimes

“Musicians from the 60s and 70s were worshipped as gods — and got away with everything.”

Read the whole comic by JJ McCullough on Medium.

NSFWcorp comics

I did some parodies of daily comic strips for the last issue of nsfwcorp magazine. Read them here while the article is unlocked for the next 48 hours. (And subscribe!)

SundayComics 2

I won an award

More info here.

Who Needs Monogamy?

I published the piece I did with Sarah Mirk for Symbolia over on The Nib. Sarah interviewed three people about their non-monogamous relationships and I illustrated them. Read it here.

Team Logos For Lanny Davis

When President Obama said he’d think about changing the name of the Washington Redskins if he were the team’s owner, the P.R. war to preserve the team’s traditional crappy name became a national issue. Suddenly, high profile spinmeister Lanny Davis was on the scene, admonishing Obama on every cable network in his favorite Redskins shirt.

Lanny Davis is an international Saul Goodman, minus the charm. Having him in your corner isn’t an admission of wrongdoing—it’s a boast. In fact, defending a questionable name for a sports team is probably the most harmless thing Lanny has done in a decade.

Read the whole thing over at Medium.

The World Is Run By Assholes

I published the introduction to my book over on Medium.

Hey, I’m Posting At Medium Now

A few people wrote to ask why the site has been slow to update and it’s because I’ve been hired full-time at Medium to cartoon there. I’m also editing The Nib and publishing political cartoons and comics journalism. Be sure to check that out here.

Long term, I’m gong to redesign the site slightly to make it more apparent where to find my latest work, but for now make sure to bookmark my page on Medium or subscribe to the RSS feed.

Bors and McFadden—The Return

Brian McFadden and I are back again with our little show. This week we discuss our recent comics on Obamacare and government shutdown and make fun of a particularly bad Michael Ramirez comic.