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Eat More Comics

Hey. Long time no update.

I wanted to post here to make sure I hit anyone who still follows this RSS feed with some big news: I recently left my post at Medium editing The Nib and am searching for a new publisher. That search is going well and in the meantime I’m keeping myself busy.

We published over 2,000 comics there in the last two years and I wanted to collect the best of them in a book. I’ve launched a Kickstarter, “Eat More Comics: The Best of The Nib,” to raise $45,000 to print up a nice 300-page hardcover. As reward levels we have original art, signed prints and books from some of our creators. We’re over 60% of the way there but we still need a good chunk of cash to make this happen. You can pre-order the book now and help make it a reality. This thing is going to be out fast—in your hands by September!

Here’s the newly unveiled cover by Gemma Correll:

Our Drone Wars Are Just Beginning

I have a new comic on The Nib today I made with David Axe going over the last decade of drone warfare. Below is the first part, click through to read the whole thing.

Pando Quarterly Looks Nice

Last year the short-lived media company NSFWcorp was purchased by Pando Media, who acquired a number of their writers and took over operations for their monthly magazine, rebranded as Pando Quarterly.

I worked on the first issue, arriving to subscribers this week, with the former NSFWcorp comics crew of Brian McFadden, Jen Sorensen, Ted Rall, and Ryan Pequin, and brought in other cartoonists for five page stories. Susie Cagle dissects the sharing economy, Tom Humberstone looks at the rise of right-wing nationalism in the UK, and Sarah Jaffe and Molly Crabapple tell the story of a Brooklyn hospital fighting to stay open.


The entire issue clocks in at 74 pages and significantly ups the print quality from NSFW magazine. Every article is illustrated, mainly by the two staff artists (!) who work at Pando.

Unfortunately, there is no way to order copies. Only people who were already subscribers to NSFWcorp will be seeing it and there is no way to order single issues right now. I post this to show that it exists, that a publication can hire multiple cartoonists and illustrators, pay them well, and survive with a dedicated subscriber base. I wish there were more like it.

The economics of the whole thing don't seem to be that frightening. It has me thinking about the future of The Nib

Liberty Dinner

I’ll be doing a slide show of civil liberty related cartoons at the ACLU of Oregon’s Liberty Dinner in Portland on March 1st. More details at the ACLU’s website.

Cold Weather and Global Warming: Both Real Things

I posted all my “It’s cold so global warming isn’t real” cartoons together on Medium.

The Nib's New Lineup for 2014

When I began editing at Medium a few months ago, my goal was to make The Nib the destination for good political cartoons, comics journalism, humor and non-fiction. Today I move closer to that with the launch of a huge regular lineup that will see over 15 cartoons added to the collection every week.

Monday will feature new comics from Liza Donnelly of The New Yorker andRich Stevens of Diesel Sweeties, along with Ruben Bolling's masterful Tom The Dancing Bug.

Tuesday will see new work from Lulu Eightball creator Emily Flake, Brian McFadden of The New York Times, and myself.

Wednesday will be Zach Weiner, the man behind Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, political cartoons from J.J. McCullough, and Tom Tomorrow's long running alt-weekly staple This Modern World.

Thursday will feature Jen Sorensen's Slowpoke, chart-like charts by Disalmanac creator Scott Bateman, and Erika Moen's Oh Joy, Sex Toyreviewing everything related to sex, sexuality and the sex industry.

Friday: New Three Word Phrase comics by Ryan Pequin, editorial cartoons by Ted Rall, and new one panels and Too Much Coffee Man strips from Shannon Wheeler.

I'll also be publishing longer comics journalism and non-fiction every week. Susie Cagle will be contributing twice a month, covering the influx of Silicon Valley tech money that's riling and reshaping the San Francisco Bay Area, from its streets to its culture. Andy Warner will be posting his series "Brief Histories of Everyday Objects" as well as comics journalism examining the odd, the obscure and the eccentric, like today's comic, "Australia is a Gigantic Sponge."

Julia Wertz will be contributing autobiography. There will be new comics journalism from Josh Neufeld. Keith Knight will be contributing an original comic every month and I'll be running editorial cartoons from Signe Wilkinson, Adam Zyglis, Pat Bagley, and Mike Lester.

There will be comics this year from Sarah Glidden, Lucy Bellwood, Darryl Holliday and Erik Rodriguez, Ron Wimberly, Blue Delliquanti, Jess Ruliffson, Zohar Lazar, Leigh Cowart and Jeannette Langmead, Jon Rosenberg, Wendy MacNaughton, Jack Ohman, Emi Gennis, and John Martz.

A good start.

Sign up for The Nib's mailing list here or follow us at @TheNib andFacebook/NibComics.

2013 In Political Cartoons

Meta data! Stand Your Ground! Twerking! 2013 was a year that happened to us. I put together a list of some of my work from this last year over at Medium.

Life Begins At Incorporation now on Amazon

My book is now listed on Amazon. Drones will be delivering it to your door before you know it! I have a favor to ask for those who have read it. Consider taking a few minutes to review it on the site. People actually read them and make their purchases based on them. That’s why I haven’t read the Twilight series.

Life Begins At Incorporation—25% off for one day only

It’s “Cyber Monday” and I’m selling copies of Life Begins At Incorporation for $15 for today only! Works as a pretty cheap gift or good plane reading for yourself when you have to visit relatives this month.

The Magazine Kickstarter

The Magazine, a tablet publication I’ve contributed an illustration to, is Kickstarting a printed collection of some of their best articles from their first year of publication. Good stuff. Not political. Sort of “for curious people,” I believe is their tag line.


PandoDaily Acquires NSFWCORP

NSFWcorp, where I’ve been contributing and editing comics since the first issue earlier this year, has sold to the tech site PandoDaily, bringing over its core staff as well as David Sirota to refocuses more on Silicon Valley. Paul Carr and Sarah Lacey wrote about the deal separately today, here and here.

Unfortunately, “nsfwcorp” will cease to exist as an entity, but the staff will continue to do what they’ve always done in a new investigative reporting arm at the now-renamed Most importantly (to me) print will not only continue, but continue to feature comics in a newly redesigned, beefed up edition called “PandoQuarterly.” It will be released… quarterly.

Tucked in both Lacey and Carr’s big announcement is a much smaller announcement: I’ve been working on packing the next print edition full of comics. The first issue due out in December will feature comics journalism from Susie Cagle, Tom Humberstone, Sarah Jaffe and Molly Crabapple, as well as the regular stable of cartoons from Brian McFadden, Ted Rall, Jen Sorensen, Scott Bateman, and Ryan Pequin.