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Hey. Long time no update. I wanted to post here to make sure I hit anyone who still follows this RSS feed with some big news: I recently left my post at Medium editing The Nib and am searching for a new publisher. That search is going well and in the meantime I'm keeping myself busy. We published over 2,000 comics there in the last two years and I wanted to collect the best of them in a book. I've launched a Kickstarter, "Eat More Comics: The Best of The Nib," to raise $45,000 to print up a nice 300-page hardcover. As reward levels we have original art, signed prints and books from some of our creators. We're over 60% of the way there but we still need a good chunk of cash to make this happen. You can pre-order the book now and help make it a reality. This thing is going to be out fast—in your hands by September! Here's the newly unveiled cover by Gemma Correll:
07.27.2015 |