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Life Begins at Incorporation

I published the title essay of my book, Life Begins At Incorporation, on Medium today. life Jonathan Frieman had been driving down Highway 101’s carpool lane for years hoping to get pulled over. When he finally was, in 2012, he was ticketed $478 for driving solo. He maintained he had every right in the world to be in the carpool lane since there was another person with him: articles of incorporation for his company, the JoMiJo Foundation. Marin County’s Traffic Court did not agree. If they had found that his corporation was a person, however, another ticket would have been in order. He forgot to buckle up JoMiJo. Corporations are people on paper, and they have a lot more say over things than those of us who are old-fashioned people with our lousy “bodies.” In 2010, the Supreme Court’s decision in the Citizens United case essentially ruled that money is speech, knocking down limits on corporate spending in elections. I’m guessing you don’t have as much money as an oil company, but that’s okay—the oil company worked its way up from humble origins and has a lot to say about politics. Read the rest at Medium.
11.01.2013 |