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When I posted my latest comic from nsfw yesterday, it was without my usual call to subscribe. Editor Paul Carr posted some information about their business today and why it's important to pay for things you'd like to see continue. With 12,000 subscribers, they continue indefinitely. Easier said than done. Digital subscriptions to nsfw is $3 a month, and we run most of the cartoons online after they appear in print. But--and I don't think I'm allowed to publicly say exactly why yet--I think having a print subscription would be a great idea come the month of November, if not all the other months. Let's just say there will be a few more comics than usual in an upcoming issue. So subscribe! If you're feeling super generous, they are selling ten years print subscriptions for $20--a good deal in the long run, which is how long I plan to edit the comics page there.
09.05.2013 |