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Marissa writes about today's comic:
I have to say, I love your comics, but I take serious issue with the apparent moral equivalencies here. While initially he seemed to have some characteristics of a principled idealist, [Snowden's] actions since his defection have made it pretty clear that he's an egoist who simply believes that he's the smartest guy in the room, no matter who's in the room. And, therefore, he is the best equipped to decide what ought to be classified and what ought not to be; and what ought to be legal and what ought not to be. ... The Zimmerman trial absolutely broke my heart to the point of near-emotional collapse and just reinforced everything I'd ever feared about the "justice or just us" system. To see the young, innocent Trayvon's image slapped next to "leakers" who may well have done way more harm than good -- and with Snowden, I strongly suspect this is the case -- feels like a slap in the face.
Obviously there's a world of difference between Martin and Snowden. Martin was shot dead and never made a choice to encounter Zimmerman or do anything political. Snowden is completely different, and I get that people are skeptical of some of his actions. I wasn't making a moral equivalency between the three as much as I was showing three examples of the American justice system punishing the wrong people. Regarding Snowden, I think it's worth pointing out that civil rights icon John Lewis called Snowden's action "civil disobedience." He went on to say: "Some people say criminality or treason or whatever. He could say he was acting because he was appealing to a higher law. Many of us have some real, real, problems with how the government has been spying on people."
08.07.2013 |