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Subject: Link Removal Request From: "Nathan Young" <nathany@*******.com> Date: Fri, August 2, 2013 12:38 pm To: "Matt Bors" My name is Nathan Young I am with the marketing department for ********.com. We are performing a link audit in order to prevent a Google penalty for unnatural links and it appears that in the past somebody has spammed the comments section of your blog with links to our site. With the recent changes Google has been making to their algorithm these links can most likely hurt our site as well as yours so I was wondering if there’s any way we could get you to remove the comments that people linked to our site? I’ve attached a spreadsheet that shows all of the pages that have comments linking back to our site.
As part of our audit, we will be submitting a "Disavow Link" report with Google for any links that we cannot get removed by July 15, 2013. We'd prefer that the links be removed, but if we can't get it removed then we'll be including these links in our "Disavow Link" report. My concern is that Google may flag your site as "Spammy" or otherwise not in compliance with Google Webmaster Guidelines. The last thing I want to do is have another webmaster experience problems from Google. The post that has spammed comments is: www.***************************.html Your prompt attention to this matter along with confirmation that the links are removed would be HIGHLY appreciated.
  Subject: Re: Link Removal Request From: "Matt Bors" Date: Fri, August 2, 2013 12:55 pm To: "Nathan Young" <nathany@*******.com> So, Nathan, what you are telling me is that you hired spammers to post links in comment sections in order to game the system and increase your Google ranking. And now that it appears Google has caught up with your spamming tactics and it could damage your rankings, you expect me to do work for you and your marketing department by cleaning up the garbage you left on my website with a message you copy and pasted to me? No. Fuck you. I hope your payday loan site dies. Go work for someone who doesn't make the world worse. Matt
08.02.2013 |