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It may be 2013, but we're apparently still discussing if sagging is responsible for problems in the black community and if black people get to say the n-word why can't whites. Two items of interest. James David Dickson of The Detroit News:
Look at pictures of leaders from the Civil Rights Movement. Crispy suits, tight hairlines, not a pants-sagger among them. And how were they treated? They were sprayed with firehoses, attacked by dogs and jailed for the mere sin of asking that the words of the Constitution apply to black people as well.
Second, read Cord Jefferson's parody of all the racial hand-wringing, where a video of violent rioting by white surfer dudes shows the white culture of lawlessness.
More important than white politicians are the white parents. I'd like to ask the caregivers of the children in these videos what they've been doing. When did so many white parents fall asleep at the wheel? You can complain about poor schools all you'd like, but the fact of the matter is that it's the parents of these children who are letting them leave the house looking like slobs in their baggy board shorts and Hollister t-shirts.
08.01.2013 |