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Archive for July 31st, 2013

Not Safe For Sluts

I had been reading Olivia Nuzzi’s posts about the Weiner campaign over at the newly launched nsfw blog Scribbles I mentioned earlier in the week. She was recently brought on there and had written two posts on Weiner while penning something longer for the print magazine. You may have heard about her at this point.

After she appeared in the Daily News building on her previous dispatches from Weiner Land, his communications director Barbara Morgan unleashed a rant to TPM against Nuzzi as a fame-hungry former intern, calling her a "fucking slutbag," "twat," and "cunt" while threatening to sue her. Top three words an embattled campaign shouldn’t call a female journalist. She mistakenly believed she was off the record at that point. You don’t say.

Vulgarity aside, I think my favorite line of her rant is the old classic, “See if you ever get a job in this town again." She actually said those words, out loud, as a steel tycoon might have bellowed to a muckraking reporter in 1920 while slamming a fist on his 400lb oak desk. You are a communications director who just called a woman a twat slut cunt. See if you get a job in this town again, friend.

I’ve unlocked Nuzzi’s two posts here and here if you’d like to read what provoked this tirade. Nsfw editor Paul Carr wrote a recap of the whole affair you can read here.

Slutbag was trending on Twitter last night and there was some light-hearted debate between nsfw’s staff last night about just what a slutbag is. I suggested it’s like a tool kit for an accomplished and particularly devoted slut. Being a slut is nothing to be ashamed of in my mind and a true practitioner needs a Mary Poppins-style bag of debauchery on hand in case any sluttery breaks out. Here’s mine.


War Is Boring

David Axe recently moved his War Is Boring site over to Medium dot com, who has published a few of my cartoons there. I just finished up the art for the Axe’s homepage there.


Life Begins At Incorporation — Digital Book

A lot of you have been waiting for digital copies on my book Life Begins At Incorporation. Well, today it is available through Comixology for $15 and features their “guided view” technology. So go order!


And if you don’t use Comixology’s app, I’m offering a hi-res pdf of the book through my own site for the same price. Order here. Already have the physical book and want a digital copy? Just email me your Paypal receipt and I’ll send you a password for a download for FREE.

A Proposal For Profiling

This comic is the result of a few items swirling in the news lately. We’re talking about profiling black men in the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting and apparently how that’s okay. Check out this Pat Oliphant cartoon that I’m sure he would say isn’t about race–just people who look dangerous. CNN anchor Don Lemon called out black males last week for sagging their pants and littering too much. He said they need to get their act together if want people to stop treating them like thugs. Well, Trayvon Martin wasn’t sagging the night he was shot, nor had he littered, but who knows where he would have thrown that Skittles wrapper had he been allowed to finish eating them.

The more realistic threat to every day people is from the big five banks, who have illegally thrown so many people out of their homes they had to work out a $25 billion settlement with the federal government. Would you be surprised if I told you most of that money has yet to find its way into the hands of the victims?

A woman in Ohio recently had her house broken into by a bank and all her possessions destroyed. It wasn’t even her bank–they were repossessing a house across the street and got mixed up. She’s asking for a mere $18,000 from the bank. They are demanding receipts for every item she wants compensation for. If you see any of these people coming for your house, make sure to Stand Your Ground.