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Truthout Book Club

You can order my book through Truthout now. It's like Oprah's book club for lefties where Truthout gets some of the money, which is good because they publish good stuff. Mr. Joe Macare interviewed me for their book club thing!
JM: Your cartoons often seem to prompt people to speculate rashly about your politics - most notoriously, if you criticize Obama you must be a libertarian or even a Republican, but if you mock Republicans, you must be an Obamabot! How would you describe your own political perspective? MB: I believe in free abortion on demand and imprisoning Congress, and I am a proponent of man-dog marriage - or any marriage you can dream up, really. Marry a bookshelf. So I'm, you know, a center-left realist. I'm not a big fan of those in power or political parties. Makes for a terrible cartoonist. You do political cartoons mostly on things that are wrong in this fallen world. And people from radical anarchists to compromising Democrats can like much of what you're putting out. They tend to think you are all on the same page about things, and then someone will be like, "Yeah, but why aren't you doing comics on the lizard aliens controlling the Pentagon?" And I have to be like, "Because I AM one, you idiot meatbag human."
Go read the whole thing if you wish and order my book from them if you don't have a copy yet.
07.25.2013 |