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Monday Rage Read

According to The Wall Street Journal, the new hip trend for twenty somethings is buying up luxury real estate. Whaaa?
This month, the now 28-year-old Mr. Winter, who runs his own interior design firm, paid about $1.7 million for his second home, a three-bedroom, Spanish-revival in Westwood, a neighborhood near UCLA.
Oh how we hate him. This can still fit into the narrative that millennials are lazy. After all, these young moguls couldn't possibly have made all this money on their own. These are the children of privilege we're talking about--the Rich Kids Of Instagram--and they're doing alright. Spanish-revival in Westwood alright. And speaking of Instagram, the following paragraph is enough to make me rethink my position on millennials. At least the ones who don't seem to have worked for anything.
"The fact that the building was all over Instagram, that definitely made me feel like it was new and chic," says Joseph Hanono, a 29-year-old who runs his own insurance company and is in contract to purchase a 600-square-foot unit in the building for close to $1 million. "I feel like my neighbors there are going to be the kind of people I want to be neighbors with," he adds, "people who make me feel confident that I am building real equity with this apartment, rather than owning some random stock."
07.22.2013 |