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Nat writes:
One point on your excellent Millennials comic. That pallet of money crushing that man, even if it is all $100 bills (the largest denomination currently in circulation) couldn't be much more then on the order of $10 or 20 million. Thus while you are making an excellent point you are horribly underselling it because it would take approximately 5,000 – 10,000 such pallets to add up to the current one trillion student debt that man should be crushed under.
Wanted to ask about your millennial piece. I kind of feel like your last piece contradicted it by poking fun at gen-ys for sitting on their ass instead of hitting the streets and actually working hard to get something important-precisely what older generations get pissed at...their lazy ass that cant be bothered to do more than tweet that they are upset about something. Maybe I didnt get it.
That comic was a criticism of slacktivism--not young people. Someone on Twitter asked me if if was maybe ironic to post that comic to Twitter and hey, do comics really change anything? Well, maybe comics are useless in the grand scheme of things. The internet is a tool and it can be used for good or for things like Kony 2012, online petitions, and sharing Facebook memes for equality--things that mostly serve to make people feel better about themselves while announcing to the world what good people they are. Young people were the driving force behind the Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street. Not everyone is sitting on their ass.
07.19.2013 |