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From a subscriber to my mailing list about the Huckabee cartoon:
I wanted to drop a line about the third panel and about the legalization of prostitution. It seems it's mostly pimps, johns and pornographers who want prostitution legalized to make it easier for them to profit from the sexual enslavement and exploitation of women. In most ways they're actually the pals of Huckabee and his types. Most prostitutes would get out of prostitution if they could because prostitution is hell. Women who want freedom from the prisons moralism, monogamous marriage and compulsory heterosexuality often oppose prostitution and pornography (the industries in particular) for very good reasons, and also oppose punishing prostitutes for selling their bodies for sex. A lot of exited prostitutes campaign fiercely to abolish prostitution.
If you look at places with highly regulated sex work, like Amsterdam, the situation isn't perfect, but it's far better than anything that seems to be happening on America's streets. Like drugs, the problem doesn't go away by outlawing it. Like drugs, I'm in favor of de-criminalizing sex work and not throwing people in jail for it. Busting down on it only makes things worse for the women involved who people are supposedly saving. And if you are interested in great writing about sex work as a labor and feminist issue, my go-to is Melissa Gira Grant at Post Whore America. From Facebook, on the Zimmerman cartoon:
No, just no. I'm a big fan normally Bors, but this doesn't really fit the verdict. What every side has forgotten is reasonable doubt. It is supposed to be a very, very high standard. Reasonable doubt means if there was some silver of doubt that was reasonable that one element the prosecution had to prove wasn't there (and it could be a different part for each juror), they had to acquit. The jury even tried to convict as far as i can tell by trying to get clarifications for manslaughter (In California, he'd probably be guilty of imperfect self-defense manslaughter, but apparently that doesn't exist in FL), but the law wasn't there. There problem that both sides have taken the jury verdict as an endorsement of the activity. As an old public defender said, "got guilty means exactly that, nothing else." It is not an exoneration, it is not saying innocent, it is not saying Zimmerman did anything right. The Zimmerman people seem to think that this is some sort of redemption of the stuff Leslie is claiming, and unfortunately, the Martin people seem to read it as the same (by the jurors). This is the same over simplification that I hate about most (often right-wing) cartoons.
Fair enough, I suppose. Speaking of right-wing reactions, here's Gary McCoy's take on lady justice's reaction.
07.16.2013 |