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Hope We Didn’t Just Facilitate A Military Coup But We Probably Did

Before they disappear down the memory hole of the internet forever, I wanted to highlight these three paragraphs from The New York Times on Morsi's departure.

His top foreign policy adviser, Essam el-Haddad, then left the room to call the United States ambassador, Anne W. Patterson, to say that Mr. Morsi refused. When he returned, he said he had spoken to Susan E. Rice, the national security adviser, and that the military takeover was about to begin, senior aides said.

“Mother just told us that we will stop playing in one hour,” an aide texted an associate, playing on a sarcastic Egyptian expression for the country’s Western patron, “Mother America.”

The State Department had no comment Saturday on the details of the American role in Mr. Morsi’s final days.

Well, I guess everyone wasn't out on their yacht that day. The State Department may have been more active in this than they admit (a shock, I know). Saturday is a slow news day--not many people paying attention--but for something of that caliber being mentioned in the nation's paper of record, you'd think it would get more play in the media. I know the line is that we are simply urging peaceful transition, etc, etc, but I like to apply the What If A Country Did This To Us? test to understand how we should probably feel about this.
07.09.2013 |