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Press release: NSFWCORP is proud to announce "The Future of Comics" -- a regular two page spread in its print edition featuring some of the best political cartoonists in the world. NSFW4 Featured cartoonists in the first installment (found inside NSFWCORP #4, available to subscribers) include Brian McFadden of The New York Times and Jen Sorensen, creator of the popular alt-weekly strip "Slowpoke." They're joined by firebrand editorial cartoonist Ted Rall, Disalmanac creator Scott Bateman, and Ryan Pequin of the foul and hilarious webcomic "Three Word Phrase." The section is edited by 2012 Pulitzer Prize Finalist Matt Bors who will also be contributing a regular strip. NSFWCORP Editor in Chief, Paul Carr explains: "From the start, NSFWCORP was unique amongst news magazines for our exclusive use of illustration over photography. Including editorial NSFW42cartoons was a logical next step, but only if we could make sure that our cartoons were better than everyone else's. When Matt suggested he edit the section, commissioning only those cartoonists he is professionally in love with, I immediately fired three reporters and gave him two entire pages to dick around with. Man, those were great reporters. That's how much I love cartoons." "There are very few outlets commissioning original cartoons like this," added Bors, who has been contributing comics since their first issue. "Too bad for those terrible publications. We've got some of the best cartoonists working right now." NSFWCORP is the Future of Journalism (With Jokes). It takes the form of a weekly online news magazine and monthly long-form print edition, both available only to subscribers. It was founded in 2011 by former Guardian writer, Paul Carr, and the magazine's senior editor is Mark Ames. Subscription information for the online and print editions can be found at


  Images from Jen Sorensen, Ryan Pequin, and Matt Bors

07.03.2013 |