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R.I.P. Editorial Cartooning?

Never! But it's a sad state of affairs and as the annual AAEC convention looms later this week in Salt Lake City, . Ted Rall's latest column explores the slow withering of the field and the reasons why—with an appearance from me, the perennial youngest editorial cartoonist. Unless something changes, this will be the last convention where the AAEC has a member in their 20s.
We joke — what else would we do? — that we should, like World War I veterans, go in on a bottle of champagne to be opened by the last man standing. Demographically and actuarially, that will be Matt Bors. At age 29, Bors is the youngest professional political cartoonist in the U.S. Despite the long hours he puts in supplementing his syndication income as an editor, blogger and freelance illustrator, he earns $30,000 in a good year. “I feel honored to be the youngest band member on the Titanic,” Bors says. No wonder no one else wants to get into the field.
06.24.2013 |