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Archive for June 21st, 2013

Mister USA Pageant

Last Sunday Miss Utah gave the most publicized answer to a beauty pageant contest question since Miss South Carolina Teen was talking about maps and “U.S. Americans” in 2007. I was expecting the worst when I clicked on the video, but it wasn’t so bad, just a stream of nonsense about jobs and education. In fact, if she had better delivery it would have sounded like any random politician we continually elect to run the country.


Working on my next piece for nsfwcorp.


“Exciting Plans” Roll Out

There have been 35 layoffs at The Oregonian since yesterday, with more happening now. I can’t believe David Sarasohn got cut. Liberal columnist, relentless focus on poverty. He advocated for my work inside the paper, which meant a lot to me.

I stopped down at Higgins last night for the wake, where O staffers, some after their last day, worked on a $3500 bar tab donated from the internet—they spent all of it.

The first line of the announcement from the publisher: “Today we are unveiling exciting plans for the future of our company.”