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The Oregonian announced big changes today: It will split into two companies, reduce home delivery to three days a week, and "some employees will lose their jobs." Nothing like shorting the paying customers who actually support the institution. I had to question my own subscription once I began reading the entire paper for free on their free phone app before I even got out of bed to fetch the paper from the stoop. With the conservative shift in the editorial page, and the departure of Jack Ohman, I finally gave up. I really enjoyed doing local cartoons for them back when there was a stand alone Sunday opinion section. That was axed some years back. A reader comment on the announcements: "[I] have disagreed with many of the opinion pieces as well as the ridiculous, often misleading, and frankly unfunny conservative editorial cartoons that the paper now publishes... In my opinion, the Oregonian newspaper, increasingly, fails to reflect and is out of step with the community it intends to serve. " (Sadly, there is no one in this city to look to for editorial cartoons more in line with people's politics.) To those I know at the O, may you be "offered the opportunity" to "create growth opportunities," as the FAQ creatively states, instead of tossed out by the bean counters.
06.20.2013 |