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Obama Is The Decider Now

Obama’s legacy is beginning to take shape and it’s one where drone attacks, persecuting whistleblowers, and the rise of a permanent surveillance state stopped being an aberration and started being normal. In other words, it’s looking really validating for Bush fans (who packed the airwaves over the last week to sing Obama’s praises for expanding the NSA’s reach). Regardless of other accomplishments, Obama has failed miserably in the civil liberties department. While most of the practices I’m referring to started under Bush, Obama supported them as Senator, voting for the FISA law and to renew the Patriot Act, and has defended each one when scandals come to light.

Of note: This is my 1000th editorial cartoon! When I count freelance jobs I’ve done a lot more, but this is #1000 in the line of comics that began in college as “idiot Box” and eventually became my Official syndicated work. Fitting then that it has Bush in it, since his disastrous presidency was the reason I started doing this in the first place.

06.12.2013 |
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