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Here’s what all of our time on Facebook has purchased

Sean Parker, who amassed a fortune as part of of Napster and Facebook, was recently wed in a ceremony that would put most one percenters to shame. He paid millions to refashion parts of Big Sur into an old crumbling castle so he could swoop in to elope. Facebook and Napster never really create too many jobs, but they do figure out a way to create a ton of value from all the time everyone contributes to it and funnel it into the pockets of smug young men. Here's what all our time liking each other's posts paid for:
I was ready to chalk it up to the standard excesses of crazy rich people. But that was before I read the California Coastal Commission's report on the Parker wedding's destructive, unpermitted buildout in a redwood grove in Big Sur. Parker and Neraida, the LLC he created to run his wedding, ended up paying $2.5 million in penalties for ignoring regulations.
On the bright side, it did create some construction jobs.
06.04.2013 |