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Guantanamo is back in the news after a few years off. All it took was 100 detainees starving themselves for months to get the president to speak about it. He said some good stuff and said he’ll order an administrative review of what he can do, apparently unaware he’s the president and could literally close it tomorrow and is force feeding hunger strikers in violation of their human right to refuse medical intervention (the AMA has spoken out about this). More than half have been cleared for release for years now, and thus are not being blocked by Republicans as he would like you to believe. He could actually send these people home tomorrow, but there’s a ban on returning detainees to Yemen, where a good deal of them hail from. After his exhaustive administrative review Obama may be startled to find the person who put this obstructionist roadblock right in the path of his campaign pledge was none other than himself.

05.08.2013 |
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