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He likes cartoons fine, thanks

Paul Bagosy designed this website. He is a reader that got in touch when I asked for help on Twitter. So while it might be a little self-serving to link to his post about how political cartoons like mine helped shape his political world view, it's nice to be reminded sometimes that you actually have that effect. We're constantly fighting to be taken seriously and worm our way into publications that have a full staff of writers but haven't seen the need for cartoons. Which, as Paul writes, "can often convey an entire editorial’s worth of ideas."
These cartoons have created succinct messages that have in turn lead me to discover larger points about issues that I previously was uneducated about or simply didn’t realize I should have an opinion on, which has lead me to nailing down where I stand. That has been immeasurably helpful, because my world view is very important to me. Understanding how I see the world and what I believe is allows me to not just float along, being pushed and pulled by whatever currents I happen to be in.
04.23.2013 |