Matt Bors
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The Supreme Court will most likely not decide that gay marriage is a constitutional right–what with the many open homophobes in its ranks–but the fight for marriage equality is essentially over. Those who believe in being decent and not implementing random rules from Leviticus don’t have anything much to do except wait for opponents of same-sex marriage to die off. While that’s not good enough for gay couples in, say, Alabama, who may die from old age as well waiting for their fellow citizens to approve of their love, there is no real argument against gay marriage and even conservatives are starting to admit that now.

With Rob Portman’s conversion, prominent conservatives openly talking about abandoning it as an issue, and the possibility of SCOTUS ruling in favor of gays, Democrats are rushing to microphones to suddenly declare their support for same-sex marriage. Where have these brave social justice warriors been all these years? Carefully and cowardly waiting for their political consultants to give them the “all-clear.” There will be many more conversions to come and they should all be accompanied with explanations and apologies for why it took them so long to support something so sensible.

03.27.2013 |