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The verdict in the Steubenville rape trial is in and, as you may suspect, some of the most disgusting things have been voiced about the victim. You expect that online, but the amount of people who don’t seem to understand how consent works is troubling. Maybe if the people saying that she was drunk and either wanted or deserved it should imagine this happening to their mother and think about how they’d react. Better yet: themselves. There should be a new golden rule for asshole dudes: Do onto others as you would have others do unto your butthole without permission. Pass out at a party? I guess I can can put my hand up your butt now. Does that sound like a great time to you? No, of course not. So stop it.

There is also a lot of concern for how this will affect the boys, not their victim. This correspondent spent a lot of time worrying about the future of the rapists and how this would impact their lives. They were sobbing and apologizing in the courtroom now that they realize how serious this is for them. I don’t know. Maybe don’t rape people.

03.18.2013 |
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