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Kickstarter update: printing is imminent

As I wrap up the book production this week, I have a few updates on what's going to be inside. First, I've upped the page count! The total number of pages is now 240, including over 200 cartoons and, I think, around 17,000 words. Jack Ohman of The Sacramento Bee has written a splendid Foreword. At the last minute I was able to interview Brian Mizer, the Guantanamo lawyer for Salim Hamdan, better known as Osama Bin Laden's driver. Longtime readers will remember my cartoon on Hamdan making its way down to him in Guantanamo Bay. OK, I'm sending the files to the printer on Friday and spending the rest of the week creating some art for the book, including the Kickstarter backer Thank You page. Next time you hear from me I'll be unveiling the cover and opening pre-orders up to the general public.
03.13.2013 |