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Kickstarter Update #6: Release Date Set for April 22

Where have I been? What is happening with the book? What is being done with your money?!? To be honest, I spent a small amount of the money on whiskey. But I've also been working around the clock putting together Life Begins At Incorporation to make sure it's released on time--and it will be! We go to the printer in two weeks in order to get this book out by April 22, and there's still lots to do. I'm pulling together the cover and assembling the book as you read this sentence. It's going to look great. After I put this thing to bed, I'll share the cover, open up pre-orders for the general public, and reach out to all of you backers to fulfill your reward levels before I get the book back from the printers. For now, I retreat to my work cave for two weeks of grinding solitude. I will emerge with a book for you.
03.04.2013 |