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2013 Herblock goes to Tom Tomorrow

Tom Tomorrow is the recipient of this year's Herblock Prize in editorial cartooning. That comes with a hefty cash prize of $15,000, a beautiful trophy, and a lavish ceremony in DC. As last year's winner, I was invited to judge the prize this time along with Jenny Robb, curator of the Cartoon Library & Museum at Ohio State University, and illustrator Steve Brodner. I'll skip to the part of the presser where I speak about Tomorrow's work.  

The judges felt there were many strong portfolios in this year’s contest, including several animated-only entries and other alternative multi-panel submissions.

Bors said Tom Tomorrow’s portfolio included “hands down, some of the smartest political cartoons of the year.” Subjects included “consistently hilarious takedowns of women-bashers, gun culture and the president’s abuse of executive power.”

  The finalist was Jack Ohman of the Sacramento Bee, whose comics combining journalism, commentary, and memoir we wanted to make note of – especially the pressure he put on Nike to drop their support of Joe Paterno. This was my first time judging a prize of any sort, and The Herblock is a big one. It's a very agonizing process in a way because there is so much great work out there–the judging took a full day. I'm glad we awarded it to a cartoonists who had a particularly strong year and has been banging out solid work for decades now. The money is great, but as a winner I know the validation and recognition is priceless for people who toil away in a field such as ours.
02.26.2013 |