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CNN’s cruise ship coverage was ratings bonanza; I quietly weep.

CNN's decision to cover the Carnival "Nightmare" Cruise as if it were a major world event has been validated, at least by the metric cable news outlets really care about: ratings. The New York Times reports "the whole day CNN had an average of 632,000 viewers watching at any given time, up about 50 percent versus typical Thursdays this year." So we can expect more of this, I'm sure, despite the criticism heaped on them for renting doing live interviews with passengers until 1:30am Friday morning. Even the Huffington Post even piled on: "It was not hard news, and it was not the most "important" story that CNN could have been covering." Directly underneath that article? The Carnival Triumph slide show. I would have been far more interested if the passenger's isolation had it lasted at least a month. That's when you start getting into J.G. Ballard territory.
02.16.2013 |