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Archive for February 15th, 2013

Judge Prez Original

Most of my originals are available, but I wanted spotlight this one since I’m particularly happy with it and it would look good on someone’s wall. Yours? If you want to grab it, it’s going it for $180. Click through to the Judge Prez comic in hit the “buy the original” button.

Media Carnival

Thursday night on CNN, after following this cruise ship story the entire day at the expense of all other news, Erin Burnett’s show flew down to Alabama to greet the passengers. Now, CNN had been pumping up the horror stories and drama all day. It was the “Nightmare Cruise” whose passengers were taken “Back To The Stone Age.” But when the people came off the ship they were fine. They had an uncomfortable experience, but they talked and acted normally and had a pretty measured view about what happened. The anchors kept fishing with questions like, “What was it like when you got to talk to your loved ones again?” I guess you need to justify devoting your show to a live treatment of this. Then this CNN guy compares it to Hurricane Katrina and a passenger cooly rebukes him. Video here.


Feedback on the Judge Dredd comic:


I know you made this comic as a critical staement but personally I love it. Thays exactly what I thought when I heard about it but im totally pro drone strike

Judge Prez

The president has to go to a FISA court for a wiretap and shuns waterboarding terrorism suspects, yet asserts he can shoot them with a missile anywhere on earth - even if they are an American citizen. John Bolton and most Republicans have praised these new extrajudicial executive powers. We’re living in a bad movie.