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Your Periodic Reminder: Don’t Work For Free

Everyone is at a different point in their careers and hopefully wherever they are involves getting an amount of money for their labor and putting it in their pocket. Sometimes you run across someone who has a long, rambling statement about how they are burnt out on free work. they often appear semi-apologetic about it, as if working in a creative field requires you waste your life giving people things for zero dollars. A graphic designer writes to Salon:

Over these many years I have always donated my time and talents when asked by various nonprofits, schools, communities and churches. I enjoy seeing something succeed because of my efforts and having that going to the greater good (posters, fliers, logos, ad campaigns, banners, T-shirts, teaching, promotional efforts of all kinds, you name it and they’ve asked for it).

As of January I decided to put a moratorium on my professional services for anything that does not involve pay.

Why? Short story is people are dicks and will abuse you for all you're worth. Or not worth. There's a full response (this is an advice column or something) that you can read through if you like. It comes down to this: Don't work for free.
02.12.2013 |