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Future Of Journalism: Plagiarism Speeches


The Knight Foundation does a lot to support new business models in journalism. Why, just today they gave disgraced journalist Jonah Lehrer $20,000 to talk about his plagiarism for an hour. Exciting!

Lehrer resigned from The New Yorker in July after it was revealed he had been recycling his own work for blog posts and had fabricated quotes in at least one of his books. Wired also severed ties with him after an independent investigation found 22 instances of recycling, plagiarism or fabrication.

“It’s not enough that I’ve been humbled," he said. "I still may be arrogant.” I guess the best way to grapple with your self-described arroganace is to accept $20,000 to speak about it for an hour. I've been told this year's AAEC convention in Salt Lake will feature a plagiarism panel. No details about who is on it or what form it will take, but I'd love to see the organization adopt standards around recycling. While Lehrer was reprimanded for doing so, many cartoonists think it's a-okay and that I'm just a crank.  
02.12.2013 |