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Three Crowdfunded Comics

I backed three comics crowdfunding campaigns this week and wanted to give them all a quick shout out here. Fellow Oregonians (and history lovers) should rally to back this comic on "the life and times of former Gov. Tom McCall." Written by my friend, sometimes collaborator and the editor of my upcoming Kickstarter book, Sarah Mirk, and illustrated by Daniel Duford, they are requesting a very modest amount to do the book and are in the final stretch of the campaign. Lefty editorial cartoonist Stephanie McMillan stopped her weekly comic and moved on to another project: "Capitalism Must Die!" It's available for pre-order on Indiegogo and will combine comics, illustration and prose to create "accessible theory for the beginning revolutionary." Finally, Zach Weiner has a Kickstarter to fund his next collection of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal Comics: SCIENCE: Ruining Everything Since 1543. If you don't happen to know SMBC, my god, catch up.
01.23.2013 |