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Gun Safety with Harry Hollow Point

So “Gun Appreciation Day” sort of, um, backfired, with five people injured at three different gun shows. As someone who was raised around guns, I cannot fathom why bullets were even near these weapons or why they would hit someone if accidentally fired. You always – ALWAYS –point a firearm in a safe direction. It’s gun safety 101. But accidents happen as not everyone is capable of following simple safety procedures. That’s sort of the whole point with not wanting more guns in our society. It results it more accidents, suicides, and murders.

A shooting at a Texas college on Tuesday seems to have happened precisely because the individuals were armed. It appears to have been an unplanned altercation between two men – at least one of which was armed – that left bystanders in the hospital. Texas Republicans are already calling for more guns in schools as a result. I’ve been outpaced by reality once again.

01.23.2013 |
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