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Andrew Sullivan made news last week announcing his Daily Dish blog would leave Daily Beast, exist on its own, and be supported entirely through reader subscriptions. He was rewarded with hundreds of thousands of dollars from eager readers signing up and looks to be well on his way to hit his goal of $900, 000 for the first year. With readers valuing his blog that highly, I have to wonder what his employer Tina Brown thinks as she shutters Newsweek and lays people off. The internet is still a disruptive force, disrupting things left and right (with force!) and what if any "model" will emerge to support those of us who work in The Media is unknown and probably a pipe dream. But the ability and willingness for readers to support what they want to read is encouraging. My Kickstarter book is keeping me busy over 2013 and I'm trying to figure out how to drag this career out beyond that. One way is a subscriber list, which you can join for $18 a year and help keep the cartoons coming. We're running a modest operation here and the money really does make a difference. (I'm not quite in the $900,000 range right now.) What do you get? All my cartoons early, before they are released here or anywhere else, along with commentary, sketches, and other extras. Some readers subscribe because they want the cartoons early and enjoy the extra material. Others view it as a way to support my work and account for reading them online all year. I can say it's provided a much needed counter to lost clients and has allowed me to make 2013 the first year that I work full time on editorial cartoons. And hey, you'll also get my annual holiday card mailed to you every year, like this one I sent to friends in family in 2005. So sign up!  
01.08.2013 |