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Toddlers and Doodles: The Growing Threat

The Washington Post reported yesterday that a 6-year-old was suspended from first grade for for "pointing his finger like a gun and saying 'pow,' an incident school officials characterized in a disciplinary letter as a threat 'to shoot a student.'" Glad we're focusing on the real threats in the wake of such a mass shooting tragedy: kids with hands. As of today that suspension has been rescinded, but it reminded me of this cartoon from last year, where an even younger child who was deaf was asked to changed the sign for his name because it looked gun-like.     This is the part of the "national discussion on violence" where overzealous school officials and parents start reading every child's utterance, metal band t-shirt, and notebook doodle like a Haruspex examining goat entrails. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund reports that a 16-year-old was recently arrested in New Jersey over his frightening notebook drawings, which included "a glove with flames coming out of it." He never made any violent threats to the school or any individuals. I'm glad none of these people got a hold of any of my high school notebooks. They would have thought I was plotting a massive assault involving Wolverine, boobs, and penises.  
01.04.2013 |