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I drew 120 editorial cartoons in 2012, on everything from "legitimate rape" to #Kony2012 to Chick-Fil-A. Most of them I was even happy with. Here are some of the most popular and a few of my favorites.   Non-white babies were said to outnumber white babies for the first time on record. My cartoon on that quickly became the most popular thing I've ever done.   Millennials continued to get shafted by the economy and student loan debt. Now we can look forward to our future Social Security and Medicare benefits being cut by the people who caused this mess.   Horribly tragic gun deaths were popular this year. And so was the NRA saying absolutely nothing about them. Until they did, and then that was even worse.   Editorial cartooning is mostly reacting to news, so rarely is a story that no one knows about broke in a comic. But this year I was the first to report on the NRA's self-defense insurance, which Think Progress then picked up.   Small, idiotic stories sometimes let you comment on something you wouldn't otherwise get around to. When TIME published a woman breastfeeding on the cover, people flipped out, but this comic became one of my most popular as breastfeeding mamas everywhere passed it around.   My most controversial cartoon of the year wasn't about abortion, gun rights, or the election. Evidently, people really didn't like me making fun of the guy skydiving from the edge of space.   The War On Women that has been waged for a few thousand years or so finally got major attention as conservative after conservative made mind-bendingly dumb statements about abortion, birth control, and rape...   ...leading to the creation of Avenging Uterus, who starred in her own animation. She'll be back in 2013 for sure. I pulled in cartoonist friends Ted Rall, Shannon Wheeler, and Jack Ohman for a meta take on Ron Paul's old newsletters that contained horrible views he claimed to not have written or know anything about.   Hurricane Sandy pummeled the east coast, reminding America that global warming is an actual thing we should maybe do something about, and reminding me I should probably do more cartoons about it.   Mitt Romney made his second run for the White House as an inauthentic shit heel, which he drove home later with his 47% comment, the amount of the national vote he ended up with. Of course, they blamed black people.   I'm shooting for 150 cartoons in 2013. You can subscribe to my new mailing list and get every one in your inbox before it's released.
12.29.2012 |