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Lots of theories going around as to what causes mass shooters: guns, gun free zones, mental illness, Asperger's, loners, bad parenting, circumcision. Here's Pat Oliphant's take, Adam Lanza as a hunchbacked loser Millennial addicted to his phone and video games. He goes further and laments the loss of cursive writing in society as a sign that we have become devolved zombies. Note his use of all caps lettering.     No word on what video game Charles Whitman was playing in 1966 when he shot 45 people from a bell tower in Texas. Oliphant's previous cartoon was on the mark, too. I guess he felt video games and cursive writing also needed to be addressed. In case you are in the video game camp, here's a helpful chart from the Washington Post. I'd love to see one comparing cursive fluency and psycho killers.  
12.20.2012 |