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In the wake of the Newtown massacre, gun advocates are calling for more guns; guns in schools, guns on teachers, maybe a little pistol contraption up the sleeve like Travis Bickle. Save the day. One 11 year-old showed up to school Monday with a .22, just in case.

Most gun owners are responsible, which is a great since there are over 300 fucking million guns in this country. But the idea of arming teachers is crazy, and often made by the same people who think they are incompetent, corrupt, lazy, and deserve pay cuts. More guns means more incidents escalating into violence, more suicides - think of all the teachers you’ve had. Most of mine were good, but I’m not sure they should have been strapped with a Glock. An armed guard? Maybe. But I don’t see it as that much of a deterrent for someone bent on doing these things, but it couldn’t hurt. Other countries don’t have monthly massacres and it’s not because everyone is armed to the teeth.

If you follow the NRA’s positions - against assault weapon bans, against limiting magazine capacities and background checks, against gun free zones, and for open carry - you can see how the world might look if they got their way. They think you should be able to literally openly brandish an AR-15 in full tactical gear that you bought 5 minutes earlier at Walmart and walk into a school for your parent/teacher conference with another fully armed adult.

12.19.2012 |
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