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There's no comic posted here today, but you can see everything I've done for this week but signing up to my new Subscriber list! I offered this as a level on my Kickstarter and now it's open to anyone. You'll get all my comics days before they appear online or in print, along with extra material not released to the general non-subscribing public. As print becomes less stable, I have to rely directly on reader support. If you appreciate my political cartoons, subscribing is the best way to show support and help ensure that I can keep drawing multiple cartoons a week. Plus you get stuff! For $17 a year you will get 3 editorial cartoons a week along with extra commentary that won't appear on the blog. I'll also send out sketches, preview upcoming projects, and offer the occasional deal on art or books. And who the hell knows what else I could think up. This thing could get crazy. But really, you will be doing a lot to make sure I can keep at this for the long haul. So sign up now and I'll send you comics!

Oh, you need a testimonial from a satisfied customer first? Ok, I can do that.

"I spend a few days with an aura of smug superiority over the non-subscribers I encountered in my day to day life. Had they seen this week's comics yet? No. They carry on in their ignorance, unaware of the scathing wit and skillful art that they would soon experience but that I knew oh so well. Would I recommend subscribing to my family? Yes. To my friends? Yes. To a stranger on the street? Not only would I recommend it, I'd recommend it in 6 languages and leave them with a wink and a handshake. Their day would have gotten weirder, but they would be better for it." -David Ballardo. Subscriber.

12.10.2012 |