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Kickstarter Thanks

I've been a little silent since my Kickstarter wrapped, which was due to working day and night on a huge freelance project that I finally completed today. Now I'm freed up to spend the next year focused on editorial cartooning and getting these books out. And even though I've been a full-time freelancer for eight years, this is the first time I can truly say that I'm a full-time political cartoonist. The number of people who can say that and don't have a staff position could be counted on one hand. So thank you to everyone who contributed and posted about my project and making this happen for me. There's also a few people I need to thank by name. A number of cartoonists gave me advice and encouragement, especially Keith Knight and Dylan Meconis, both of whom have done successful Kickstarters. Matt Hyland edited my video for me. (He also shot this interview with me in Chicago last year.) My cousin Andrew Bors provided the music for my video. Some of his work is available for free on Soundcloud. Jack Ohman: thanks bro. Finally, Glenn Fleishman gave me some advice and went on to become a sort of unofficial adviser who I bounced nearly every decision off of. I'll have to draw him a Twitter avatar or something.
11.28.2012 |