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Kickstarter Update: Stretch goal within reach - New levels!

With less than two weeks to go I've reached the $25,000 mark and my stretch goal is now within reach. If I reach $30,000, I'll be able to print a second collection of my work - a 125 page black and white book with all the material that doesn't fit into the specific chapters in Life Begins At Incorporation. I will also be able to do something else: focus entirely on my comics in 2013, turning down freelance work in order to draw three cartoons a week, every week. If you are at a pledge level under $40, consider upping to that level to help me reach the stretch goal. You'll get the book and all my cartoons in your inbox every Monday for a year. I also have some new levels for ya! Lady Parts Special - I clumsily limited the Avenging Uterus shirts so as to not get more than what I was ordering. That was the wrong route, so I've gone ahead and added the Lady Parts Special for anyone that wants it and ordered enough that I got a price break to add a new color - note the nice blue egg fists! The One Percenter - I've lowered my top level to $850 for a speech and presentation on editorial cartoons and/or comics journalism. Cheap! If you work at a college or non-profit that might be into this, tell them to save some minds and some money by not inviting Tom Friedman this year and get me on board instead.
11.09.2012 |