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Life Begins At Full Funding

With funds sitting at $19,999 Thursday night, the call went out over Twitter for a single American dollar, which @fung ‏helpfully plopped down on my humbled head. I never expected to fund this project in ten days. Thank you for backing this and putting the word out and trusting me with money (I'll responsibly purchase mere molehills of cocaine). The response since this launched has been the most encouraging experience of my career. Really. So now I'm going to make you a kick ass book. The editorial team is lined up. I'm currently looking into printers, thinking on cover designs, nabbing someone to write the intro, and discussing a possible distribution deal with publishers to get this to an even wider audience. Many of these details should be coming out before the Kickstarter campaign is over - there's still 19 days left. And a $30k stretch goal to hit for a second collection. I put that idea in almost as a wish, but now I can see reaching it. Thanks for getting me here.
11.02.2012 |