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Kickstarter Update: Editorial Team Hired

Thanks for all the support so far! After the first week, I am well on my way to funding this project. As I said in my video, I want to make this book as kick-ass as possible, and that means hiring an editor and other positions that normally come with having a fancy publishing house behind you. It's also the responsibility of job creators, like myself and Mitt Romney, to create jobs whenever we can for the betterment of America. The following folks are officially employed: Editor: Sarah Mirk Layout and Design: Masheka Wood Copy editor/index: Jessie Carver Sarah Mirk is a reporter for the Portland Mercury, a sometimes-cartoonist, and is currently writing a book called Sex From Scratch. Her writing is smart, funny and grounded in journalism - exactly what I'm looking for on this project. Another important factor is that she lives close enough to me to attend Important Business Meetings at a bar of my choosing. Masheka Wood is a fellow cartoonist who has been helping me color my comics over the last few months as well as work on design and illustration gigs so that I may sleep at regular intervals. He'll be doing the interior design and production on the book so that I can focus on busting out the writing and continuing to engage in this new sleeping practice. Jessie Carver is a freelance editor who makes sure every issue of bitch magazine comports to the current rules of the English language. She was one of the first people I showed this project to and immediately committed to creating a hilarious and accurate index after arguing with me about Oxford commas for like a fucking hour.     If you haven't done so yet, back my book and make it happen.
10.26.2012 |