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I've had great start to my Kickstarter for Life Begins At Incorporation, hitting the 50% mark on the second day. $10,000 dollars more and this book gets made. I'm already rapidly assembling my editorial team and will unveil that and the cover art before the end of the project. If you haven't backed it already, please do. And if you like my work, consider sharing the project. With no publisher behind me, I need help getting the word out to anyone who might like my cartoons. Back with whatever you are able to give, but I'd like to encourage you to back the $40 level. This gets you the book (with a pdf), a signed postcard, and all my cartoons emailed to you each Monday for a year, before they are published. It's the beginning of a subscription list that I should have started a long time ago and one of the best ways to support my work. If this project is successful, I'll be taking on little to no freelance work while I write the book and focusing on what I want to do: three cartoons a week as often as possible. The more people I have on the mailing list, the more that becomes a possibility.  
10.24.2012 |