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Michael Cavna at the Washington Post wrote up my Kickstarter campaign. Here's what I said to him.

"After shopping the idea around a bit, I'm enthusiastically forgoing a publisher," Bors, a 2012 Pulitzer Prize finalist, tell Comic Riffs shortly before his official launch at noon ET Monday. "Few are interested in anthologies, claiming no one buys them, and the ones who are interested offer in­cred­ibly low advances.

"I'm better off going directly to my readers, selling them the book, and not splitting the money with anyone else," says Bors, who in March became the first alt-cartoonist to win the Herblock Prize. "I think I'll raise more ... in the first week than I would have gotten for an advance, anyway. I'm solely responsible for this project, and I like that."

10.23.2012 |