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I've been with Cartoon Movement since it launched two years ago and am extremely proud of the comics journalism I've edited in that time. I've always felt good about being able to pay artists well - multiple book projects are in the works from the people we've published there. Times being what they are, funding is always and issue, and comics don't make themselves. The three projects I posted about Wednesday are all that is in the pipeline right now as far as comics journalism goes. I hope there will be more, but the future is uncertain. Right now, we have a few grants pending. Tjeerd Royaards and the founders of the site have always been good at getting us the money needed to keep the site going. Either way, I'm committed to getting the work we have into a printed anthology and have been shopping it around to interested parties. But as of this month, what was essentially a half-time job as well as my primary income source for two years has ceased. That's where I'm at headed into this Kickstarter next week.
10.19.2012 |