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Reporter and cartoonist Susie Cagle has been hired by Grist, the online environmental news outlet, as a full time reporter. Cagle has become a prominent comics journalist over the last few years (I've edited her work for Cartoon Movement) and this job will include filing stories as comics. I can't stress enough what a huge development this is - not just for Cagle, but for comics journalism and comics in general. It's always been an uphill climb for those of us working in this field to justify ourselves as more than a novelty and on equal footing with those who write for a living. And there's not a lot of good news. We're pretty far into the internet age not to have any real staff editorial cartoonists, for example. Hopefully Cagle's job at Grist can help normalize the idea that comics are things people like to read - and that editors can spend money on.
10.16.2012 |