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Archive for October 8th, 2012

Avenging Uterus Fan Art

Saturday I debuted the Avenging Uterus animation at a benefit for the IPRC here in Portland. A reader showed up with this on her back.

I guess this is my signal to get a t-shirt in the works. The animation will be online later this week.

New Site!

Today I’m rolling out a new site design that that was long overdue, one that is hopefully more functional and that can even make me some money. You’ll notice there are now ads. I will always miss the super stripped down site I held on to for 8 years, but the reality of this industry is that I have to “monetize” my comics and I have seen my online readership grow tremendously in over the last two years. You Must Be Monetized.

One new feature to note is the “Buy Original Art” button that appears on new strips (like the latest Sesame Street one). Click on those and a scan of the original pops right up on your screen with a price and Buy Now button. Nifty!

Paul Bagosy redesigned the site and made sure all these features actually worked correctly with his knowledge of how the web works.

Romney Takes Down Sesame Street

Oil Permits Accomplished

“We’ve approved more oil permits than any administration has ever.” – Hilary Rosen on Meet The Press Sunday.

Ouch - hitting the Republicans where it hurts. While she’s at it, Rosen should point out that Obama (or “we” in her pundit parlance) has deported a record number of illegal immigrants. Possible new attack ad: “Romney - he’d approve oil permits slower.”