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Quebec’s Not-So-Quiet Revolution

Cross-posted at Cartoon Movement The student movement that exploded in Quebec this spring and summer was one of the most significant - but hardly reported - examples of the popular protests sweeping the globe over the last few years. Today Cartoon Movement publishes "Quebec's Not-So-Quiet Revolution," a ten page piece of comics journalism by political cartoonist and writer Ted Rall analyzing this highly organized popular movement that mainstream outlets have been eager to ignore. Rall recently visited Montreal, where he met with organizers of the movement, which continues to expand beyond its initial concern over tuition hikes, as it prepared for a major demonstration. After the passage of the draconian Bill 78, emergency legislation that essentially outlaws large protests, hundreds of thousands took to the streets on a daily basis, and continue to hold regular large protests months later. "A stone's throw from the U.S. is one of the biggest unreported stories around, a militant protest movement that has allied college students, the unemployed, labor, anarchists, advocates of Quebecois independence and others disenchanted with the provincial government in particular and capitalism in general," said Rall. "I appreciate the chance that Cartoon Movement gives me and other cartoonists to raise awareness of news that most outlets refuse to touch."
09.17.2012 |